About Us

Welcome to Arcana Gardens and Greenhouses!

Arcana began as a close community of organic farmers in 1993. Our farm is located on 140 beautiful acres in Jericho, a small town in the foothills of the Green Mountains of northwestern Vermont. Originally growing fresh produce for local farmers markets, Arcana evolved into a nursery featuring many varieties of organic plants and seedlings.

Unlike conventionally managed greenhouses, we grow our plants primarily from seed in locally made, compost-based soil mixes, and use beneficial insects instead of relying on pesticides. From the beginning Arcana was certified organic by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT), and we have remained in good standing under their oversight to this day.

Our landscape has changed over time—from an open field on a previous dairy farm, to a collection of interesting, funky buildings and gardens created by Arcana’s staff.  Our buildings range from vintage salvage greenhouses to a collection of tiny houses, to a state-of-the-art, post and beam, main store and kitchen facility. There’s a post and beam barn, a pottery studio, a perennial pergola—and art incorporated in the form of sculptures, both permanent and ephemeral.

We have used environmentally friendly principles in our plantings and structures—designing gardens to reduce erosion and runoff, using permaculture, rain gardens, pollinator-friendly and native plants. Over the past quarter century, Arcana’s open expanse has grown into many diverse habitats containing mature specimens of various trees, shrubs, fruit, flowers and herbs we originally planted from seed or division.

At various times, Arcana has hosted community gardens, a produce stand, a CSA (community supported agriculture) share program, workshops, theatrical and musical events. We have grown produce for stores, restaurants, and farmers markets, and flowers for wholesale, bouquets and weddings. Our kitchen produces a huge array of farm-grown value-added products: jams, pesto, pickles, herb blends, hot sauce, tinctures, salves and lip balms. And we have even created pots for our plants in our own kiln.

So, welcome to Arcana, if you didn’t know us before.  We are a small, local, quirky, cottage-industry farm, now entering the world of online sales. In keeping with our traditions, we embrace the new—change is good!  At the heart of it all, our focus is on the plants: growing them, loving them, and sharing them with our community, wherever that community may reside.