About Our Plants

Our Collection

Arcana has always embraced unusual, often hard-to-find, eclectic plants. Despite the limitations of our cold, Zone 4, Vermont locale, our curiosity has led us to experiment growing thousands of different types of (mostly) herbaceous perennials, annuals, herbs and vegetables. Over the years we have built a huge selection of favorites, and we trial new varieties every years.

Our site will grow over time as we add more and more selections, many of them a result of customer requests— so please let us know what you are seeking, and we will try to accommodate you! Currently we are offering about a third of our plants online, so we may already have what you are looking for in small quantities, and could ship it by special request.

We plan to start shipping plants in April, weather permitting.  We will also have hours at our store in Jericho during the months of May and June, if you would like to visit us in person, and save shipping on your pre-ordered plants.

Please note: There are a number of states we are restricted from shipping plants to, due to our organic practices.  Our plants are grown in actual compost-based soil mixes, rather than bare-root or soil-less mix, and we do not “drench” them in pesticides. (For a complete list of restricted states, and specific plants restricted in other states, see our Shipping Policies page).

Many states in the western half of the U.S. require plants that are shipped from eastern states to adhere to strict regulations involving toxic chemicals, due to concerns about introducing unwanted insect pests and diseases. While we recognize that this is a valid concern, we are a small nursery that has made a conscious decision to maintain our principles and stay certified organic and chemical-free. We apologize for any confusion or frustration this may create for our online customers.  

Annuals and Vegetable Seedlings

Our local customers know us as the place to find over 150 different varieties of tomato seedlings in the spring; from tiny currant-types to beefsteaks, heirlooms, novelties and classic hybrids, with special emphasis on disease-resistant and early cultivars. In a similar vein, we serve the pepperhead community-- at least 150 different varieties of chilies and bell peppers, all colors and ranges of heat, from sweet to the hottest of the hot.

Our online selection includes the majority of these seedlings, available this spring by pre-order, as well as some of our other best-selling vegetables and tender perennial flowers: eggplant, artichokes, husk cherries, osteospermum, oxypetalum, and gentian sage. After the pre-order time ends in mid-February, the availability of some of these plants may be limited, as the time window and our greenhouse space is at a premium for spring sales.

Perennials and Herbs

Arcana maintains a catalogue of our many different perennials and herbs, available on our website, or in print when available and requested.  It offers a wealth of information about these plants and their uses, preferred growing conditions, and appearance.

We grow our plants at our farm from seed, cutting, or division, we never remove plants from the wild. Some of our seed is wild-collected from plants on our land, and some of our cultivars that are unavailable from seed are descendents of plants we bought from outside sources and propagated.  We can proudly say that we are, and always have been certified organic, sustainably managed, and GMO free.

The perennials we offer include many species native to the New England area, as well as plants for rain gardens, woodland naturalizing, or to support a pollinator-friendly habitat. We also have many tried-and-true favorites, cottage garden or cut flower varieties, alpine or rock garden plants, and interesting novelties.  We tend to avoid the current trend of trademarked and patented plants (“Proven Winners”, etc) sold in conventional nurseries and big chain stores, in favor of an alternative, less mass market approach.

Our herbs, both culinary and medicinal, celebrate many cultures in their diversity. We grow herbs from European, Middle Eastern, Asian and Mesoamerican classic cuisines, and herbs used in the healing traditions of Chinese, Native American and ayurvedic medicine. In addition to growing the plants, experienced herbalists on our staff also harvest, and dry these herbs, and use them in many of our value-added products. (See our Value-Added Products page for more info—this will also be expanding during the season!).

We are always searching for new and interesting useful herbs to add to our collection. Our most recently added herb is CBD-rich, low-THC hemp. Arcana has acquired a hemp license from the state of Vermont as of Spring 2018, and we will be offering various hemp products this season, as the laws and our imagination will allow.

Stay tuned! There are exciting times ahead!

Anne Mueller

Arcana Gardens and Greenhouses